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Quantitative Fleet Feedback (QFF) Program

Posted by on September 18, 2014

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JOB TITLE: Quantitative Fleet Feedback (QFF) Program
PROJECT OVERVIEW: As a member of WBB’s team you will directly support Navy Fleet training. US Fleet Forces (USFF) is responsible for directing Fleet Deployment Training for US Navy units world-wide. In support of USFF, WBB requires highly skilled personnel who will support all technical and non-technical elements of live training, modeling and simulation, and synthetic training, as well as constructive training, exercise development and execution for numerous programs on a world-wide basis.

Support Tasks:
* Determine data collection and assessment requirements for QFF supported exercises.
* Assist government personnel project leads with planning, coordinating and briefing assessment requirements.
* Attend initial, main or middle and final planning and other exercise conferences to coordinate data collection requirements.
* When required lead exercise assessment syndicates and working groups.
* Provide program and technical support to project leads for NFCs, CTFs, CSG, and ARG commanders, CSG4 and CSG-15, TTGL, and TTGP, and other training commands’ NMET-based training programs.
* Provide training to training command staff and data collection team personnel on NWTS, NTIMS, and NMETLs when required.
* Provide capability briefs and demonstrations on data collection tools and processes when required.
* Provide program support to government project leads for NMETL review and content management in NTIMS for staff and warfare commander NMETLs.
* Facilitate NMETL working groups for NMETL development and updates to ensure NMETLs comply with OPNAVINST 3500.38 and USFF/CPF 3501.3 guidance.
* Create and provide current, accurate and complete NMETL reports for use by Fleet personnel when required.
* Enter current, accurate and complete NMETL content and training plan updates into NTIMS to comply with NTRP 1-03.5 DRRS-N reporting manual and USFF/CPF 3501.3 guidance.
* Provide beneficial recommendations to the Government project leads to update the UNTL/UJTL.
* Provide administration and maintenance support to government project leads on training and performance assessment databases for CTFs, ESG and CSG, ARGs, warfare commanders, coordinators, and individual deployers based on NMETLs for up to five (5) or more exercises simultaneously.
* Extract NMETL performance requirements from NTIMS to develop data collection plans, worksheets and databases.
* Prepare and run QA checks for up to 12 databases per exercise and 30 MS Excel collection spreadsheets per database using NTIMS, BIRT, NRAS or other applicable software/systems.
* Receive and process NMETL performance data up to four (4) times daily for up to 24 assessment areas per database to ensure all applicable performance data is captured, accurate, and complete.
* Provide daily NMETL performance feedback reports to trainers on each assessment area from each database.
* Assist government personnel in developing performance debriefs which are presented to senior military personnel using MS PowerPoint or other required software programs using reports created from the performance databases.
* Within five (5) working days of completion of exercise, create and submit performance data and training plan completion reports to the Navy’s readiness reporting system for up to 24 or more assessment areas from each exercise. Perform QA of performance and experience data displayed in DRRS-N for data submitted and resolve any discrepancies identified.
* Archive and retrieve performance data for data calls and historical analysis.
* Conduct historical analysis on archived performance data when required and provide current, accurate and complete analysis reports to government project leads.
* Attend planning and coordination events, tool development and process improvement events, and post-exercise analysis and reporting meetings when required. No later than five (5) days after the event/meeting, provide government project leads after action reports including an overview of the event/meeting and beneficial recommendations for improving exercise planning, data collection and reporting.
* Provide beneficial recommendations to government project leads on opportunities to employ existing Joint and Navy training assessment tools and processes to improve Navy training, readiness and performance assessment.
* Provide warfare area data collection, reconstruction and analysis to develop graphical representations, screen shots, reports, charts and replays to government personnel using data collection and display tools to include joint after action report resource library (JAAR-RL), SIMDIS, performance evaluation tool , Real Time Extraction and Analysis Projection , Portable Multipurpose Data Acquisition System, Warfare Assessment Module, GCCS-M/J, COP MOE, chat and voice communications systems, and MS Office products on web pages and PCs. These services shall normally be provided in support of performance assessment for exercises over a 14 hour period per day for synthetic exercises and continuous (24 hours) for live exercises.
* Provide maritime operations center (MOC) METL support and Defense Readiness Reporting System-Strategic (DRRS-S) reporting support to project lead. Gather metric data, comments or other required reports from MOC stakeholders and CSG staffs to populate DRRS-S database within specified periodicity.
* Review and analyze Training Evaluation and Training Completion Reports from trainers and training audience in accordance with COMTHIRDFLTINST 3501.1 Integrated/Advanced Training Instruction. Formulate and report recommendations for training improvements to QFF project lead.

Three (3) years experience in the folllowing:
* Experienced subject matter expert for QFF.
* Experience managing/ prioritizing large, complex projects involving numerous stakeholders.
* Experience as Team and/or project leaders. Experience leading working groups and cross functional teams.
* Experience leveraging best practices and handling multiple tasks and interruptions with minimal impact on productivity/deliverables.
* Experience engaging Senior Staff at the Flag Officer/Director/Manager level.
* Experience conducting fleet training analysis/assessment to identify gaps, training needs and solutions.

TRAVEL:   Support for this functional area may be required to get underway for extended periods of time (up to 45 consecutive days at a time) or work extended hours ashore. These consecutive underway or ashore periods may include weekends and holidays. Additionally, CONUS and OCONUS travel may be required to attend exercise planning events, NMETL development or data collection tool development working groups or support data collection during exercises.



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